Building software to
power the next generation
of science companies

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Who we are

Corsham Science is part of a family of companies that uses cutting-edge science and technology to deliver healthcare services, medicines, and microbiological testing products. Together we’re the UK’s fastest growing privately owned pharmaceutical company, and we are investing in growing our science and technology teams.

Our innovation in science, technology and software has been a powerful driver of growth for us. In particular, our in-house software development teams have contributed to making our products and services safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

Check our our sister companies Bath ASU, Pharmaxo and Microgenetics for more information about the industries we work in and the products and services we help provide.

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What we do

We’re made up of software developers and designers, data scientists, chemists, microbiologists and researchers. We create innovative systems, tools and algorithms to power our businesses.

The systems we build run locally or in the cloud, and are designed for use on a wide range of devices and form factors. Our agile software development teams use the latest technologies and development best practices to deliver frequent and consistent value to our colleagues.

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We have offices in the UK and in Mauritius. We are looking for people who wish to make an impact and jumpstart their careers in software development, data science, chemistry, microbiology and more. We want to recruit individuals that have a desire to innovate, and who want to grow with a successful, award-winning company.

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